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The 2005 Triumph Sprint ST105 is the best sports-touring motorcycle of its generation. Itís smooth, long-legged, comfortable and has aggresive looks, with a effortless power to shrink distances with delightful ease. What's more, the Triumph Sprint ST's more sporty design means it handles better than any motorcycle in its class.

Thereís something very special about the Triumph Sprint STís in-line triple. The DOHC, 1050cc motor howls when pushed and burbles when you rock off, like a thing alive. The Triumph Sprint ST is one fast motorcycle, too, thanks to slippery aerodynamics itíll crack a true 160mph, which means leaving Hondaís VFR far behind. The fuel-injection is flawless, the ride vibe-free and as strong as an ox.

The Triumph Sprint ST's initial turn-in is slow, but once the motorcycle's on its side it feels secure and reassuring. The Sprint ST's ride quality is superb, too, even with a pillion, with a suspension package that easily handles any road conditions at any speed. The four-piston front brakes are superb, only the vibratory mirrors spoil a near-perfect motorcycle.

There are plenty of factory options to complement the Triumph Sprint ST, including a satnav system, heated grips, gel seat and colour-coded panniers and top box.

Triumph Sprint ST 1050 Standard Specification:

1,050cc, liquid-cooled, three-cylinder four-stroke with 12 valves
(claimed) 123bhp at 9,250rpm
(claimed) 77lb ft of torque at 5,000rpm

My Sprint ST1050

Engine Mods:

  • Triumph sports exhaust
  • Triumph remap
Chasis Mods:

  • Triumph alarm
  • Triumph gel seat
  • Triumph replacement front master cylinder - 15mm
  • Triumph rear axle covers
  • Triumph high screen (also a Powerbronze blue screen in some photos)
  • Powerbronze hugger
  • Powerbronze back light, indicators and number plate holder
  • Starcom intercom
  • Baglux tank cover and tank bag
I bought the Triumph Sprint ST1050 to replace my trusty but aging T595 Daytona. I was getting older and the Daytona was getting no more comfortable. I also tended to need to carry passengers and luggage more. I loved the sleek and aggressive bodywork on new Sprint as soon as I saw, which was the main thing that put me off of the old version.

On my first test ride I knew that I had to have one, it was amazingly comfortable and slightly quicker than my T595 - a good (1997) T595 Daytona puts out around 110rwhp, the (2005) Sprint ST1050 is putting out around 115rwhp with the retune and pipe - and the torque spread is massive.

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