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The second generation Triumph Tiger carried on the theme of the original – a big, bruising road trail motorcycle powered by Hinckley’s distinctive triple. The difference was this was the second generation triple with updated chassis and styling to match. Later versions are well equipped and the Triumph Tiger 955i is a decent road motorcycle.

In 2001 the Triumph Tiger 955i got the 955cc triple engine fitted plus a new exhaust, gearbox, injection system, reworked engine internals etc. giving a claimed 104bhp @ 9500rpm which makes it among the quickest and fruitiest of the so-called monster trail motorcycles – great on road, but it’s no off-roader.

Both this and the older Triumph Tiger models attract taller riders, and people who love touring, and the motor is capable of covering serious miles with few problems. 2002 saw just the suspension internals revised making the ride much firmer and more suited to the road.

2004 saw a minor update to the Triumph Tiger 955i including cast alloy wheels, different swingarm and panniers, heated grips and centre stand as standard repositioned the Tiger 955i as a grand tourer

2006 saw the final changes to the Tiger 955i with the addition of crankcases and gearbox from the new 1050 motor, but keeping the 955cc internals.

Triumph Tiger Models:

1993: The first Hinkley T3 855 Triumph Tiger launched.
1998: Complete revamp using the T509 engine, new frame and styling.
2001: Engine upgraded to 955i.
2007: Tiger 1050 Launched.

My Triumph Tiger 955i

Engine Mods:

  • Airbox center baffle removed
  • K&N filter
  • Thunderbike exhaust
  • Triumph remap
Chasis Mods:

  • Painted Sandstorm Brown
  • Wheels painted gloss black
  • MRA spoiler and screen
  • Front seat lowered 4mm
  • Heated handlebar grips
  • Enduro style handlebar gaurds
  • Hugger
  • Bellypan from the Speed Triple
  • Double headlight converion
  • Starcom intercom, rider to pillion and bike to bike radio, with mp3 and gps
  • Full Triumph pannier and topbox kit, with an added rack on the top box
  • Touratech tank cover, tank bag and front saddlebags
After selling my Roulette Green 2002 Tiger I missed so much I had to get another one. I saw this Triumph Tiger 955i in Jack Lilleys as one of their showroom specials and knew I had to have it.

The 2006 model is a far better road bike than my previous model, a 2002 Roulette Green version. The alloy wheels (still 19" front though) and road biased suspension has transformed the bike into everything I want from an all rounder. The bike handle spirited riding, one up or two up, can carry all you need for a two week camping trip, can break 135mph and still average 55mpg.

After over two of years of ownership this bike has been sold to make way for a 1050 Tiger.

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